Media Arts Deadlines is a blog and a CalDav calendar that collections all sorts of calls and opportunities related to Media Arts, things like submission deadlines for grants, festivals, conferences, job postings, etc. The blog is less curated and has more posts, the calendar is curated and the postings are listed by their deadlines.

You can subscribe to the calendar using any program that supports WebCal or CalDav, so things like Apple iCal, Mozilla Calendar, GNOME Evolution, etc.
Subscribe to the calendar using this URL:

Apple iCal

To subscribe using Apple iCal, go to the Calendar menu and select Subscribe…, then copy and paste the above URL into the box:

GNOME Evolution

To subscribe using GNOME Evolution, go to the File menu, then New, then Calendar. In the New Calendar window, copy and paste the above URL and change the settings to match what you see here:


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