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August 31, 2011



LMCC Announces 2012 Grants – Apply for Creative Curricula

August 31, 2011

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Creative Curricula

LMCC Announces 2012 Grants

Application Deadline:
October 18, 2011, 5PM

Creative Curricula makes matching grants to support partnerships between Manhattan schools and teaching artists or cultural organizations. This year, grants of up to $3,000 will be provided for
in-classroom projects that focus on the integrated study of arts and non-arts subjects.

Learn more about the program and how to apply by attending one of our upcoming information sessions in Manhattan. First time applicants are required to attend.

Click on the links below to RSVP for an information session:

Wednesday, September 7, 4PM
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center
Los Kabayitos Theater
107 Suffolk Street, 2nd Floor

Wednesday September 14, 6PM
El Museo del Barrio New York
1230 Fifth Avenue, at 104th Street

Tuesday, September 20, 6:30PM
Hudson Guild
Dan Carpenter Room B
41 West 26th Street

Thursday, September 29, 6:30PM
125 Maiden Lane, 2nd Floor, between Water & Pearl Streets

For more information and to apply, please visit our website.

Creative Curricula is supported by the Local Capacity Building Initiative of the Arts in Education Program of New York State Council on the Arts. Additional support is provided by Wells Fargo.

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August 30, 2011

Attention, makers of things that make music! Be part of an open laboratory, a science fair-style show and tell of work hosted by Peter KIRN of We want to see your creations!

Open Call:
Handmade Music at Patterns + Pleasure Festival
28 September 2011 14:30 – 17:30, Frascati Theater, Amsterdam
Deadline: Tuesday 9 September 2011

Hosted by and STEIM; curated by Peter KIRN with Takuro Mizuta Lippit

Attention, makers of things that make music! Be part of an open laboratory, a science fair-style show and tell of work. We want to see your creations, including but not limited to:
– Custom circuitry
– New custom synthesizers
– Creative controllers
– Open source hardware and software
– Audiovisual software
– Original acoustic and electroacoustic instruments
– Sound art/sculpture
– Circuit-bent designs
– Instruments and composition and performance tools made with game technology, mobile technology, Kinect cameras, and the like

The essential element is that you’ve built something yourself, in hardware, software, or both.

Please be prepared to show a self-contained presentation of your work. Some display/projection and amplification will be available, but we encourage you to bring your own displays and speakers if you can.
We will setup works for show-and-tell style exploration, as well as brief (5-minute demos) and short (5-10-minute), variety style performances and jams. We’ll also lead a discussion with artists and engineers, and encourage you to meet other makers and exchange ideas and techniques.

We are unfortunately unable to provide expenses for travel, so you will need to provide your own transportation to and lodging in Amsterdam. All projects will be covered on

Please submit:
1. Your name, as you’d like it to be listed
2. Your project name
3. If applicable, a link to a project site
4. Photos of your project (a link to Flickr, Picasa, blogs, etc. is fine)
5. (Mandatory) Video and or audio documentation of your project in action (Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.)
6. Space requirements
7. Technical requirements (power / audio / safety concerns if applicable)
8. A brief description (two sentences is fine) of your project.
9. If you wish to propose a performance, please describe in short how you perform with your tool.
10. Your contact information, so we may respond

Submission form:
We prefer to capture information on the submission form, but if you have difficulty with it, please email peter directly with the subject ‘STEIM HANDMADE MUSIC’

Call for Papers + Poster Competition Announcement: Typography Day 2012 … (with a request to inform others interested in Typography)

August 27, 2011

Call for Papers + Poster Competition Announcement:

Conference, Workshops and Exhibitions:
Typography Day 2012

1st – 3rd March 2012
at IDC, IIT Bombay with support from InDeAs and Aksharaya

Focus on ‘Typography and Publication’


Typography Day will be organized for the fifth time in 2012 at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) with support from India Design Association(InDeAs) and Aksharaya.

The event will include an international conference which will be devoted to addressing issues faced by type designers, type users and type educators. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Typography in Publication Design’. The conference will feature presentations on the last two days preceded by day of workshops dedicated to typography and calligraphy. Exhibitions on Typography Posters and Book Publications will also be hosted at the venue.

The event is planned over three days:

Day 1: Workshops on Typography + Meet on ‘Research in Typography’

Day 2-3 : Conference focusing on ‘Typography in Publication Design’

Day 1: Workshops on Typography:

Typography workshop is designed to offer exposure to student community on various aspects of typography in Multi-language scripts with a focus on Publication Design. This will provide a platform for students from varied backgrounds to interact with practicing professionals in graphic design.

Day 2-3: Conference focusing on ‘Typography and Expression’:
The Conference will focus on the following issues:

  1. Experiments and Explorations in Publication Design.
  2. Publication Design with multilingual scripts.
  3. Typography and Publication Design in native (indigenous) Scripts.
  4. Typography and Publication Design within local contexts.
  5. Research activities in Typography and Publication Design.

Call for Papers
We invite a 500-800 word abstract (with examples) in three categories:

1. Issues of Typography in Publication Design (Academic Research/Presentations)
2. Innovative applications of Typography in Publication Design (Industry Presentations/Case Studies)
3. Student projects in Typography and Publication Design (Student Projects)

Abstract Guidelines:
The abstract should include the following:
1. Title of the paper
2. Keywords
3. Abstract of the paper
4. Three to Four examples of the work
5. Author name, Designation, Organisation and contact details (including email). The total number of words including the title, keywords and the abstract should be a maximum of 800 words.

Paper and Presentation Details:
The selection of abstract is through blind jury.

Selected papers will need to be orally presented by the author/s during the conference on 2nd and 3rdof March 2012 at IDC, IIT Bombay. The time duration for each of the paper presentations is 20/15/10 minutes followed by 5 minutes for discussion along with Q & A. The selected papers will be published during the time of the conference.

Formatting guidelines as well as a template for the full paper will be supplied along with the acceptance mail of the abstract.

Deadline for abstract submission: 3rd October
Declaration of accepted abstracts: 31st October 2011
Deadline for submission of full paper: 31st January 2012

Please submit the abstract (subject line: Abstract submission) by mailing it typographyday

Poster Competition

Design a poster expressing your favorite word through the typography of your motherscript.

Participants are expected design a poster / create a typographic composition to express their favorite/most meaningful word using the letters in their mother script. Calligraphic, digitally created letterforms, existing fonts or a combination of these can be used for the poster.

The resulting poster should be of the size and specification given below. This competition is open to students, faculty and professionals. The competition is open to all. Non resident Indians, as well as foreign citizens can take part in it.

Procedure for selecting student participants:
Twenty Five winning entries will be published and displayed in an exhibition during the event. The winners are entitled to free participation (registration and food) during the ‘Typography Conference and Workshop’ from 1st to 3rd of March 2012.

Submission Specifications:

You need to submit the solution along with a brief write-up of around 150 words.

Size of the final poster: 420 mm x 600 mm either in portrait or landscape format.
Resolution: 300 dpi
Filetype: JPEG or PDF
Colour Mode: CMYK
Write up about the design: Maximum 150 words (in RTF, TXT or PDF format).
Contact Info: Name, Postal Address, Email, Telephone number, Name and Address of Institution.

Deadline for submission: 15th December 2011
Declaration of results: 30th January 2012

Email your submissions to: typographyday along with the write-up and your contact details.

Each participant is allowed a maximum of three entries.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Chetan Bhuj

Typography Day 2012,
Industrial Design Centre
IIT Bombay
Powai Mumbai- 400 076, India

E-mail: typographyday
Phone: 091-22-2576 7820, 091-22-2576 4815
Fax : 091-22-2576 7803, 091-22-2572 3480

:::: In/Out Digital Arts Festival Open Call ::::

August 18, 2011

Greetings Friends and Colleagues!

Open call for submissions to participate in the digital arts festival In/Out 2011 are in full swing! This festival is being held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY on November 11th and 12th.
We are a festival based on emerging technologies for audio/video performance with a focus on all things DIY and open source.

Please visit our website to take a look at previous artists that have participated and to get a better feel for who we are and what we are about.
Below you will find all the information needed to submit a proposal, if you still have questions however, make sure to shoot me an email me at lara. With the submissions deadline almost upon us, contact me if you need more time and we can surely accommodate.

This is about learning, sharing and being inspiring by each other through community participation, so feel free to pass this information on!


Risk: Fellowships at Cornell Society for the Humanities

August 17, 2011


Timothy Murray, Director of the Society for the Humanities, is pleased to announce the 2012-2013 research focal theme: “Risk @ Humanities.” Six to eight Fellows will be appointed.

Senior Scholars in Residence:
William Leiss
Scientist, McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment, University of Ottawa, and Professor emeritus, School of Policy Studies, Queen’s University
Michael Warner
Seymour H. Knox Professor of English, Yale University

RISK @ Humanities
The Society for the Humanities calls for scholarly reflections on risk. We seek interdisciplinary projects that reflect on historical, theoretical, and global understandings of risk as a concept and a reality that lies at the heart of the humanities and the arts. The Society wishes to open the question of how risk shapes the humanities and how the humanities might dialogue with broader biological, ecological, economic, and technological approaches to risk.
We invite considerations of how risk might be inherent to the humanities. Scholars could reflect on the relation of accident, danger, and uncertainty in cross-historical letters and arts. How might risk lie at the heart of ritual and religion / legislation and government / letters and art? Some scholars might consider the philosophy and anthropology of probability and chance or even the history or theory of gaming. How do scholarly and artistic practices that cut across and against boundaries depend on and profit from risk?

Questions of geographies and environments at risk raise adjacent considerations of travel, politics, and transgression. What is the relation of the humanities and the arts to “risk society,” “writers at risk,” or “risk territory”? From risky behavior and risky thinking to risk in sexuality or the risk of torture, from questions of terror to threats of surveillance, from the transgression of creative production to the mixtures of cultures, peoples, and religions, risk @ humanities sits on unstable terrain. What might it mean to research the humanities in relation to economic collapse, environmental degradation, immunological threat, or military incursion?
Artistic form and practice themselves also contribute to an ongoing understanding of risk. How might experiments in new media, performance, film, literature, music, art, and architecture articulate aesthetic interventions across the topography of risk? Might new electronic and digital networks, mobilities, and artistic projects threaten or empower the arts? Are indigenous or traditional practices at risk in the age of global communication and exchange? These questions are meant to suggest, not delimit, possible approaches to the focal theme.

Scholars are encouraged to investigate ideas, instances, and inferences of risk across geographies, historical periods, disciplinary boundaries, and social contexts. The Society for the Humanities welcomes applications from scholars and practitioners who are interested in investigating this topic from the broadest variety of international and disciplinary perspectives.

The David R. Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future co-sponsors one fellowship to support scholarly work addressing risk as it relates to energy, the environment or economic development.

Fellows include scholars from other universities and members of the Cornell faculty released from regular duties. The fellowships are held for one academic year. Each Society Fellow will receive $45,000. Applicants living outside North America are eligible for an additional $2,000 to assist with travel costs.

Fellows spend their time in research and writing, participate in the weekly Fellows Seminar, and offer one seminar related to their research. The seminars are generally informal, related to the Fellow’s research, and open to graduate students, suitably qualified undergraduates, and faculty members. Fellows are encouraged to explore topics they would not normally teach and, in general, to experiment freely with both the content and the method of their courses.

Fellows should be working on topics related to the year’s theme. Their approach to the humanities should be broad enough to appeal to students and scholars in several humanistic disciplines.

Applicants must have received the Ph.D. degree before January 1, 2011. The Society for the Humanities will not consider applications from scholars who received the Ph.D. after this date. Applicants must also have one or more years of teaching experience, which may include teaching as a graduate student.

Application Procedures
The procedures for application can be found at our website:

The Society for the Humanities
The Society for the Humanities was established at Cornell University in 1966 to support research and teaching in the humanities. It is intended to be at once a research institute, a stimulus to educational innovation, and a continuing society of scholars. The Society and its Fellows have fostered path-breaking interdisciplinary dialogue and theoretical reflection on the humanities at large.

Timothy Murray
Director, Society for the Humanities
Curator, The Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Cornell Library
Professor of Comparative Literature and English
A. D. White House
27 East Avenue
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853

OPEN CALL: Queens International 2012 at the Queens Museum of Art

August 15, 2011

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> QUEENS MUSEUM OF ART | NYC Building | Flushing Meadows Corona Park | > Queens > | NY | 11368